Property portals - a different approach.

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Building my simple Property Advertising Portal at while waiting for the next contract got me thinking - could I, a single individual with limited resources make a viable property portal? So I started looking at the big boys out there in UK Land - RightMove, Zoopla etc. - and came to the conclusion: no! Way too expensive a proposition to compete with those brands.
But what if I used a different approach? Instead of thinking in terms of a portal, whose brand and name must be endlessly and nationally advertised at huge cost, what if I, instead, thought in terms of the site as a staging post; a distribution point? "Distribution to what?" you ask.
Why to the 'content publishers' of course.
"The what now?"
Content publishers: the social media channels, search engines, blogs, anyone who produces content.
Why? Because these are the places the vast majority of users go. They're familiar places, familiar places with all their own web and mobile interfaces.
Looking at the system this way changes the emphasis. It changes it from being a Brand marketing exercise - albeit with *SEO friendly links passed to the major searches engines - to one of making sure the information and images for each property are distributed as far and wide as possible increasing the likelihood of each, and therefore similar entities, being found.
Of course, SEO friendly links need to be accessible to all the search engines, but it means more than that. This friendly information needs to be passed to as many of the content publishers as possible. And to make it viable for me, a single technician, it needs to be a) automatic and b) self financing.
Google ads may cover the hosting costs, not an issue right now, so my next challenge, the kind of challenge that gets me out of bed in the mornings, is: distributing the content 'automatically' as far and wide as possible.
Okay, okay, I know, I know .. there is no content to distribute!
One thing at a time.
In the meantime, while I'm continuing to build this with my shiny new and evolving ikonMVC PHP Framework, if you need any web development work done, my skills are here: .. or, if you know of an individual or Estate Agent who would like to use the system, please pass on my details or let me know.


*SEO - Search Engine Optimisation: making links to a website or, indeed, the whole website, more relevant to someone searching for the content therein.


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