Property Listings

I'm looking for web development work - my skills include the usual suspects: PHP, MySQL, Javascript, HTML, CSS, jQuery, Bootstrap, Ajax, XML and so on - but, due to mobility issues I need to find projects I can do from my home in Richmond, North Yorkshire.

I've had a few small bits 'n' bobs come through but nothing major, so, to keep myself busy I built my own lightweight PHP framework. I call it ikonMVC as I own the domain

To give it a test I used it to build an SEO friendly Property Listings site as a simple example of what I can do.

The idea is that each property listing  ends up with a nice SEO friendly link which can be shared with friends, via social media and email.

I was going to test it by 'borrowing' some listings from the big boys but their Ts & Cs scared the bejeebers out of me. If you have, or know of anyone who has, a property or two for sale, point them at the site please  - - where they can upload the details and images and share the listing. The listing should be passed to the major search engines within 24 hours for them to index and, hopefully, publish in their search results.  There are no guarantees though.

Any feedback to improve it would, of course, be greatly appreciated ... or offer of a project .. or, even, if you want a version for yourself. Just let me know.

There's more about me here


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